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Drive Operational Growth, And Create Breakthrough Results, With Advanced AI And ML Services
AI for IoT​

Derive insights from the humongous data generated by the IoT server. We help couple both these capabilities to establish an intelligent-acting system.

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AI for Blockchain

Use AI for blockchain mining in a highly thoughtful, intelligent, and interactive manner with the ideal training data required by the algorithm.

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AI for Automation

Use cognitive automation to improve decision-making by combining core automation tools such as business process management and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) chatbots with artificial intelligence.

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AI for Big Data

Use the overarching pool of information that is accumulated from Big Data to make more informed decisions, and find ever-improving efficiencies making it the gas that fuels top-end AI systems. ​

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AI for Cybersecurity

Use AI and ML to keep up with the bad guys, automating threat detection and responding more efficiently than traditional software-driven approaches to stop evolving cyber-attacks and proliferation of devices.

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AI for Cloud Computing

Let AI flower through the cloud. Lower adoption costs and facilitate co-creation and innovation, by using AI software-as-a-service on hybrid cloud infrastructure, to enable enterprises to harness AI capabilities easily.

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Industries We Serve

Our Full-Stack Data Scientists Help You Expand Business With A Data-Driven Way

Create custom-tailored learning courses based on observing, interpreting, and predicting the behavior of the learners.

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Use AI to easily sort through sensor data of a manufacturing machine and pick out outliers in the data that can indicate a requirement for maintenance.

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Optimize supply chain, and pricing, and use AI-driven intelligent platform to study behavioral economics to analyze each customer’s psychology and emotions to increase purchases.

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Use AI to support medical imaging analysis, decrease the cost to develop medicines, build complex and consolidated platforms for drug discovery, forecast cancer, and kidney disease, accelerate the discovery and development of genetic medicine, and provide valuable assistance to emergency medical staff.

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Protect BFSI businesses from breaches by using AI-based banking apps to detect risks and minimize fraudulent acts. Also use a larger spread of tech offerings like NLP (Natural Language Processing), Robotics, and cognitive systems that help increase revenue, add to customer satisfaction, and bring forth more opportunities for new businesses.   

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Oil and Gas

The oil and gas industry is facing a rapidly changing digital landscape that requires cutting-edge technologies to cultivate growth and success. We help oil company to use AI to uncover new oil and gas prospects and enable more production from existing infrastructures.

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Darren, UK

A fantastic company that provides excellent professional service. They built me a fully encompassing website including building an AI model with phenomenal accuracy. This was done in a timely manner with exceptional value for money. I highly recommend them.

Mehmet Taşdemir, Turkey

I have been working with this company for a long time. Many thanks to the teams and managers. In short, it is a company that stands behind its work and can be trusted financially and morally. Their team is patient and very professional. A company that can realize a project that no one else has accomplished. Thanks again.

John Donovan, US

As the CEO of a growing business, I sometimes need work flipped around very quickly and still maintain a high standard. SB Analytics has been my go-to for over a year now and I know I can trust them to give me the best quality service at the best rates. Would highly recommend.

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We would like to help you with any quality initiative your organization or team is engaged in. No job is too small for us. We are ready to assist you with any requests and put you on the road to quality success.You can mark my words that we will do everything to help you succeed. Each one of us is an advocate of quality and an agent of change. This way of thinking is what we teach our employees for them to position themselves effectively as they are supporting our client base.

Shreya Parasrampuria

Founder and CEO

Shreya Parasrampuria