About us

We are a team of AI and ML enthusiasts trying to help startups and small and medium-sized businesses bring their visions to reality. As a bootstrapped enterprise our team wakes up every morning excited to bring in new ideas to change the way we do things.

Presently our data engineers are looking to raise investment for executing their ideas in AgroTech and FinTech sectors by joining hands with enterprising companies doing amazing things in the AI space.

AI Consultants at Data Analytec the best AI Consultancy in Bangalore

Our Vision

SB Analytics is a leading AI software company in Bangalore focused on creating a better AI-empowered future through innovation. We strive to advance the interconnection of the physical and digital worlds with artificial intelligence, driving sustainable productivity growth and seamless interactive experiences.

SB Analytics is committed to advancing AI research, developing scalable and affordable AI software platforms that benefit businesses, people, and society, as well as attracting and nurturing top talents to shape the future together.

Let us change the way the web is built and improved by DEMOCRATIZING user analytics and feedback.

The vison of Data Analytec employees - the best AI consultancy in Bangalore

Our Core Values

Core Values of Data Analytec- the best AI consultancy in Bangalore

Quality and Innovation

We are committed to continuous improvement and innovation to ensure we consistently deliver the highest quality products, services, and education.


Customer and Community

Our primary priority is always the customers and the community we serve.


Teamwork and Collaboration

We strive to maintain a workplace that is defined by opportunity, accountability, teamwork, and respect – while refining our “best employer” practices.



We make all decisions with unwavering determination to “do the right thing”.