Developing Next-Generation Technology To Optimize And Serve Digital Asset Mining

We as AI consultants at SB Analytics power and secure blockchain networks and protocols as a proof-of-work miner, proof-of-stake validator, or on-chain keeper.

Today, two highly discussed disruptive technologies are artificial intelligence and blockchain. Blockchain is a technology that can help track transactions between users in a public ledger that was developed originally for Bitcoin. However, it is now used commercially for various applications such as tracking ownership documents, digital assets, or voting rights.

Both AI and blockchain involve technical complexity and there seems to be a sense of agreement among experts that these technologies will have serious business implications in the next five to ten years. The joint use of the two technologies might alter the tech and business paradigm significantly enough for business leaders to take more notice of developments in this space. 

Big Data prepares the ground for the advancement of both AI and Blockchain. It empowers businesses and blockchain app developers to accumulate a heap of data into structured components.

This data is further employed by AI-powered machines and applications to understand user behavior and deliver personalized customer experience. Whereas, Blockchain relies on Big Data to get the analyzed data that can be stored in its distributed ledger and made accessible to people, depending on if it is on a public or private network.

Benefits of Combining AI and the Blockchain

  • Control and explain AI decisions
  • Improve data credibility
  • Improve security
  • Help to manage and store huge arrays of data
  • Control blockchains more effectively
  • Enhance the quality of smart contracts
  • Get easier access to shared databases

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