We Build AI-Powered Industry Innovation For Greater Impact

Every industry has those tasks where it is easy to get bogged down with data, verification, and analysis. With the combination of RPA and AI, you can streamline those processes and free your human workforce to focus on tasks where they can have a greater impact. 

At SB Analytics an AI development company with AI and RPA robots, we can emulate a wide range of the decision-making and problem-solving that people do that can easily expand the range of work that you can automate for your businesses.

We believe that time is the most valuable asset we have. It should not be wasted on the mundane, especially when we have the technology to help.

But technology should support and help people, not replace them. We offer a personal automation assistant to bridge the gap between humans and AI. It increases user adoption and eliminates the learning curve.

AI leverages computers and machines to mimic the problem-solving and decision-making capabilities of the human mind, enabling systems to detect objects and make predictions with incredible accuracy and speed. Deployed with traditional technology, AI can accelerate anomaly detection in factories. For example, inspecting cereal boxes for defects on the production floor to car scratches on an assembly line, to improve manufacturing efficiency and lower production cost.

Advancements in edge-AI processing have paved the way for today’s AI robots and will open up new possibilities for robots in the future. Intelligent robots will have to process an incredible amount of information and decisions will need to be made in real-time, so it is much more efficient for these machines to process information at the edge instead of sending it to the cloud and back.

Get ahead of your competitors with intelligent automation.

We at SB Analytics as an AI development company are capable of weaving together screen capturing, structured and unstructured data sources, data processing, deep learning, and the human workforce into an intelligence fabric that creates an operating system for the modern organization.

As we believe it is not enough to work with AI if it is not impacting your organization at a larger scale. Our data science engineers at SB Analytics make it easy for users to implement custom AI models into real business value.