We Are Revolutionizing IoT Through AI

While we are sitting in an era where science fiction is a popular genre of books that have already engulfed how AI will be seen at the forefront. We are already living in a future that is beyond AI.

There are over 8.3 billion IoT devices connected today. The growth further projects to grow to 22 billion in 2025.

At SB Analytic as an AI consulting company our experienced AI and Data Science engineers are ready to provide the required expertise that is needed for the optimal performance of devices and manufacturing units enabled with IoT.

AI offers the capability of analyzing the most critical information easily – providing valuable insights and making highly informed decisions.

This simply means that our smart AI experts will get the opportunity to bring new IoT-enabled solutions to life.

The Impact on Various Industries of Artificial Intelligence-Driven IoT

  • Wearables – Wearable devices such as smartwatches continuously monitor and track user preferences and habits. Not only has this led to impactful applications in the Healthtech sector, but it also works well for sports and fitness.
  • Smart homes – Smart homes aim at making our lives easier by providing a chance where devices can be controlled regardless of location.
  • Smart buildings – Smart sensors that predict events and increase security by preventing accidents like fire, flooding, or short circuits.
  • Manufacturing – Industries such as household appliances, cars, and automobiles, aircraft, mining, food and beverage have started integrating smart sensors into their machinery that help them with analysis enhancing their efficiency.
  • Oil rigs – Most oil industries tend to invest a huge amount of money in oil drilling machinery. This type of machinery, when fails to function, incurs huge amounts of losses to the companies. All thanks to IoT, smart sensors can now be easily attached to the machinery. Doing so provides preventative maintenance analysis cutting down operational costs.

How IoT Analytics Help Businesses?

  • Generate Opportunity
  • Reduce Risk
  • Fact-based decision making
  • Real-time Efficiency
  • Tailor custom insights
  • Leverage models
  • Improve productivity

Why SB Analytics Is The Best Place For IoT Analytics

  • We reduce data retrieval problems
  • We ensure consistency and quality of data being used for analytics
  • We use social media analytics like media and behavioral analytics
  • We decisions more efficiently with a highly visual representation of data
  • Our team helps uncover new revenue streams.