We Provide The Next Best Customer Experience By Injecting AI Into Retail Businesses

AI in retail is used to improve demand forecasting, generate optimal prices, improve customer experience, and enhance inventory and supply chain management.

The reason is obvious: today’s retailers can collect massive amounts of data on transactions and interactions with consumers both online and in brick-and-mortar stores.

At the same time, they have to make billions of decisions to align their inventories, capacity, and staffing with ever-changing consumer demand.

In short, retail is the perfect match for AI.

The hype around artificial intelligence in retail has led to something of a gold rush. Application vendors are quick to slap an “AI inside” sticker on their products, portraying their solutions as more intelligent than they really are.

 In such a business environment, it is no wonder many retailers are confused.

Is AI all hype, or are the retailers who have yet to implement it laggards in danger of going out of business?

As AI consultants over here, our duty is to provide an accurate overview of how retailers are applying artificial intelligence to optimize their businesses today.

First, let us look at what AI in Retail is used for:

  • Artificial Intelligence for More Accurate Retail Demand Forecasts
  • Artificial Intelligence for More Cost-Effective Retail Operations
  • AI in Workforce Optimization
  • AI in Supply Chain Optimization
  • Artificial Intelligence for Better Commercial Decisions in Retail

Each one of us is already engaging with specialized artificial intelligence every day when using navigation applications, browsing product recommendations online, or letting our parking-assistant take over control of our cars.

Artificial intelligence is not magic—it is clever engineering

At SB Analytics, which is an AI consulting company we offer a wide range of services to tackle most retailers’ needs.

Our team of experienced professionals can help you with everything from conceptualizing and designing your AI-aided application to developing and deploying it on the platform of your choice.

We also offer a range of consulting and advisory services to help you with your artificial intelligence projects. If you’re looking for a one-stop for all your AI development needs in retail, SB Analytics is the right place for you.